Being a natural product there is a variation in the size of the brisket bones/ fat. We do our best to source the lowest fat amounts, however, we do not recommend these bones to dogs with pancreatic tendencies

Some have little/ skinny ribs, some have big / fat ribs (hence 2 sizes). As we cannot guarantee what size is in stock at the time of purchase/ delivery, we will do our best to give you exactly what you want. Sometimes we will have to put in a different size to make up your order.

If you would prefer not have a refund of any we dont have, instead of the different size: mention it in the checkout section when you order on line.

Each is individually wrapped for convenience.

Currently we only sell the bones with other menu categories  like main courses or treats. We are not a seller of bones only due to fluctuating demand from those only seeking bones.

Bones are a part of the balanced raw and natural diet and oral hygiene for a dog, so they are an additional service to our clients.

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