These Nori Rolls are flat shark skin rolled.

the sharks are Australian Black Tip or Whaler and sustainably caught in Northern Queensland, these are not an endangered species.

This product is the throw away skin from your fish and chips shop (flake)

In the 250g packet sizes vary.

Great alternative to a pigs ear: no sow stalls and air dried in north Queensland.

Yes: it does go soggy/ mushy whilst your dog eats it, but dried up when not being gnawed on.

No they don’t smell when dry.. can when wet.

The Nori Rolls are 50- 90 g each in general

Some dogs like to peel a flat piece, some to hold a roll..

Typical Nutritional Analysis
  1. Protein 96.6g/ 100g

Total Fats 1.5g/ 100g

Carbohydrates 1.5g / 100g

Ash .1/100g

Moisture: 8.5g/ 100g

Energy: 1700kg/ 100g


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