Raw Food for Dogs

Crocodile tails: Good dental hygiene starts with raw bones. Our Crocodile tail bones are chopped into 3 sizes, depending on your dog’s size, with good meat and no fat, great for keeping your pet occupied whilst their teeth get a great cleaning.

raw food for dogs: crocodile tail

Salmon Blini: The primary omega-3 fats found in raw salmon are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) ( 1 ). Research has linked the intake of EPA and DHA to a variety of health benefits, including brain health, and joint health and reduced inflammation throughout the body. This raw meal has no grain. There are 2 seeds included : Tri quinoa and Buckwheat. Tri quinoa and Buckwheat are known as a superfoods as both are rich in magnesium (repair of muscles), have a higher fibre content than most grains and a higher protein count than many animal meats, and contains essential minerals and vitamins naturally, so there’s no need to add supplements.
This meal generates very small firm stools.

raw food for dogs

Irish Stew: where single protein meets loads of fibre , the protein power and essential trace elements of free range eggs and a tonne of different vegetables. This raw food meal is recommended for dogs who cannot digest grain, and need high protein levels. It suitable for pancreatic and diabetic dogs and is a favourite for those needed a low purine diet (like Dalmatians)

Goat Spines: The spines are like a 2 for the price of one bone. The spine part is just like neck type bone with the bone of part of the ribcage, similar to the brisket type bone. A great meaty way to clean teeth and occupy your dog. Very low fat bone option.

Raw food for dogs

Fresh Sardines: these can be bought individually or by the kilo. We only sell Australian produce, and these are from W.A. Sardines are amazingly high in protein and their amino acid profiles typically include more essential amino acids than most plant and animal based protein sources. They are high in and oleic acid for heart, coat and eye and joint health and high in Omega 3’s , like Salmon. Sardines have direct health correlation to the thyroid with balanced levels of phosphorus and calcium and contain good levels of Vitamins: B12 and selenium and Vitamin D for bone health. There isn’t much a sardine cant do for a dogs health!

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