Just in time for Easter. This meal is an Easter special and only available around March- May


Wild rabbit,Organic Pearl Barley, Organic brown rice, broccoli and what bunny’s love to eat: carrots. ..

also nutritional yeast, lecithin, kelp and eggshell powder from free ranging chooks for extra calcium 🙂

The rabbits are marksman shot and human /restaurant grade.

you’ll either receive the forearm or hind, depending on stock.

Rabbit is very low in fat. It is especially great for managing your pets weight and building muscle and represents as a cooling protein!
It is considered a novel Protein: Pets with sensitive stomachs or food allergies will have a better reaction to novel protein compared to other protein sources. If your pet suffers from GI issues or sensitive skin, introducing a novel protein, like rabbit, into their diet can help to reset their system.

Low Calorie: Rabbit meat is ALL white meat and therefore contains the lowest calories compared to pork,lamb and beef. It can be good for all energy levels!

Full of nutrients and rabbit meat is an excellent source of vitamin B12, which works to ensure that a pets nervous system functions well.

Rabbit is full of healthy fats that will keep your pets joints lubricated and their coat shiny.

Rabbit is high in protein.

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