Too many chewing treats to choose from?

Not sure what your dog will like?

Have a small dog and need to make sure the chewing treats are appropriate?

Have a large dog wanting the same???

Buy a sampler and save 20% on individual prices!

Here you have a choice of two samplers (just like our baked treats!)

The difference is purely the size of the treats!.. but you still get all 13 in one packet!


Shark Skin L:50g, S: 25g

Cannoli L; S

Shark cartilage L: 20g  S:10g

Unicorn Horn(Salmon Skin): L:whole  S: small whole

Roo Toob  (Trachea).

Turkey Jerky

high 5 : one size

Sardine: one size

Beef Skin L:15g S:8g

Squished Squid whole/ half

Fishbix: one size

Hardie Head: one size

Mackerel Tail: one size

sometimes we change the ingredients slightly depending on stock.

Other items sometimes found are the Shark Fillet and Nori Rolls.

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