Is your pup destroying the furniture? Chewing everything insight?

Too many chewing treats to choose from?

Not sure what your dog will like?

Have a small dog and need to make sure the chewing treats are appropriate?

Have a large dog wanting the same???

Buy a sampler and save 20% on individual prices!

Here you have a choice of two sized samplers (just like our baked treats!)

The difference is purely the size of the treats!.. but you still get all 13 in one packet!

the large size is great for large and medium dogs, and the small is ideal for puppies and small dogs.

Some dogs have underbites (or flat faces) and there are many things in the sampler to keep squishy faces from destroying your shoes and furniture too!

Pancreatic chew sampler  swap outs are in bold italics

ingredients for small and large :

Shark Skin L:50g, S: 25g

Cannoli L ; S  (some maybe a half Cannoli size is huge)/ Wizard Wand

Shark cartilage L: 20g  S:10g

Unicorn Horn(Salmon Skin): L:whole  S: small whole

Shark Fillet./ Crusty Critter

Turkey Jerky

high 5 : one size

Sardine: one size

Beef Skin L:15g S:8g/  Queenfish jerky

Squished Squid whole/ half

Fishbix: one size

Hardie Head: one size

Mackerel Tail: one size

sometimes we change the ingredients slightly depending on stock.

Other items sometimes found are the Shark Fillet and Nori Rolls, crusty critters, roo tendons

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