Mackerel Tails are Little chewy pieces.

Great for a quicker chewy snack for a medium dog but Mackerel Tails are PERFECT for your Papillion, Pom or Maltese for complete dental hygiene.

Mackerel Tails are no good for training: too chewy!

Great to toss to your little dog on the way out the door.

Mackerel Tails are  full of omega 3s and only fish oil fats so great for pancreatic and diabetic and fat dog slim!

100% Grey Mackerel
Scomberomorus Semifasciatus
Typical Nutritional Analysis

Protein: 68.9g/ q00g

Total Fats: 11.8g/ 100g

Carbohydrates <0.1g/100g

Ash: 6.6g/ 100g

Moisture <8g/ 100g

Energy: 1830kj/ 100g

Customer Reviews

1 Reviews

1 review for Mackerel Tails (100g)

  1. Kristy Tregier (verified owner)

    Macy absolutely loves these treat she can’t get enough.

    • luciana

      Hello Kristy thank you so much for your review on our products directly to hte website!.
      The Mackerel Tails ae such great chewy , low fat treats for dogs. great for underbite dogs and little dogs to really clean teeth.

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