Wizard Wands (Kangaroo Tails)


Wizard wands are actually Kangaroo tail tips from Queensland Australia.

If you are looking for a good longer lasting chews, these are perfect..

They have stringy bits through them for good dental flossing.

The Roo Tips are sold individually in different sizes and a 500g mixed  size bag.

Customer Reviews

2 Reviews

2 reviews for Wizard Wands (Kangaroo Tails)

  1. vickiburke1502@gmail.com

    Anyone that has a border collie i recommend these for your dog, i bought some yesterday at the easter show and i gave it to my dog today and she loved it so much best treat she has had i am definitely buying more and trying her on different sassy treats awesome. Thank you

    • luciana

      Thank you so much Vicki for your detailed review. and remember: these come in packets of 400g!.. different sizes for different days.

  2. vickiburke1502@gmail.com

    I bought these at the easter show yesterday and gave it tomy puppy Molly today she loved them soo much….I recommend these to anyone having a border collie… My dog loved them.

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