Dried fish discs are perfect for the little dog who needs reinforcing, recalling or conditioning work.

Dried fish discs are easily broken down into teeny weeny pieces, easy to keep in your pocket.

Great for allergy dogs or dogs with kidney issues/ pancreatic issues. very low fat. also great for dogs and puppies alike.

made from white fish mix

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1 review for Dried Fish

  1. grace windsor

    The dried fish is a real hit with both my dog and cat. It’s fairly brittle so breaking it up into tiny pieces from training is easy. They aren’t fatty so you can feed at lot without worrying about upset tummies or too many KJs. All over a great mid value treat.

    Side note: If a piece is a little hard griping it with a tea towel makes it much easier to break up.

    • luciana

      great tip! your review is very thorough!

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